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Alabama Payment Options

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Alabama Payment Options


Pay the full amount by check or money order payable to the “Alabama Department of Revenue.” On your payment write your social security number, your daytime telephone number, and “2018 Form 40,” and remit your payment with Form 40V.

Credit Card: You can also pay your taxes due by credit card online at https://www. officialpayments. com or by phone at 1-800-272-9829. Enter Jurisdiction Code 1100. You can also pay your taxes by credit card online by visiting Value Payment Systems at Discover/NOVUS®, MasterCard®, Visa® and American Express® cards are currently being accepted. There is a convenience fee for this service. This fee is paid directly to the company you use based on the amount of your tax payment. How do I pay by ACH Debit (E-Check)? You may pay by ACH Debit by going to www.myalabamataxes. Do not use Form 40V when paying by ACH Debit. You will need to have your bank routing number and checking account number to use this service. No fee is charged for this service.

If payment for the full amount of tax due is not paid by the due date of the return, you will be charged interest and will be subject to penalties. More importantly, if you submit your return without payment, a final assessment may be entered by the Department. A final assessment which is not appealed is as conclusive as a judgment of a circuit court. The Department may then proceed with collection by issuance of legal processes including recording of tax liens, garnishment of wages or bank accounts, levy, or a writ of seizure directed to the county sheriff as provided by Sections 40-1-2, 40-2-11(16), and 40-29-23, Code of Alabama 1975.

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