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Kentucky Pension Subtraction

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Kentucky Pension Subtraction


Pension Income Exclusion—

The exclusion amount is 100 percent of taxable retirement benefits or $31,110, whichever is less. All pension and retirement income paid under a written retirement plan (qualified or unqualified) is eligible for exclusion. This includes pensions, annuities, IRA accounts, 401(k) and similar deferred compensation plans, income received from converting a regular IRA to a Roth IRA, death benefits, disability retirement benefits and other similar accounts or plans.

This exclusion is for each taxpayer and must be computed independently of your spouse who may be filing on the same return. A taxpayer and spouse must complete and claim their own exclusion, regardless of filing status. Joint filers—Combine the separately computed pension exclusion amounts and enter on Schedule M, Line 9, Column B.

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