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Iowa State Exempt Dividends

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Iowa State Exempt Dividends


Deduct that portion of any net dividends from a mutual fund, investment trust, or regulated investment company that is attributable to direct federal securities. You cannot take this deduction unless you are provided a statement from the fund giving the percentage of net dividends attributable to direct federal securities.


The following securities are exempt:

  • Aviation Authority Bonds, Iowa Code section 330A.16
  • Beginning Farmer Loan Program Bonds, Iowa Code section 175.17(10)
  • Community College Bond Program Bonds, Iowa Code section 260C.71(6)
  • Community College Residence Halls and Dormitories Bonds, Iowa Code section 260C.61
  • County Health Center Bonds, Iowa Code section 331.441(2)"C"(7)
  • E911 Emergency Telephone Service Program Bonds, Iowa Code section 34A.20(6)
  • Interstate Bridges Bonds, Iowa Code section 313A.36
  • Iowa Board of Regents Bonds for buildings and facilities, Iowa Code Chapters 262.41, 262.51, 262.60 and 262A.8
  • Iowa Higher Education Loan Authority, Iowa Code section 261A.27
  • Iowa Municipality Urban Renewal Bonds, Iowa Code section 403.9(2)
  • Iowa Rural Water District Revenue Bonds and notes, Iowa Code section 357A.15
  • Low Income Housing Bonds, Iowa Code section 403A.12
  • Prison Infrastructure Revenue Bonds, Iowa Code section 16.177(8)
  • Regents Institutions Medical and Hospital Buildings at University of Iowa Bonds, Iowa Code section 263A.6
  • Soil Conservation Districts Revenue Bonds, Iowa Code section 161A.22
  • Quad Cities Interstate Metropolitan Authority Bonds, Iowa Code chapter 28A.24
  • Sewage Treatment Works Revenue Bonds, Iowa Code section 16.131(6)
  • Underground Storage Tank Fund Revenue Bonds, Iowa Code section 455G.6(14)
  • Vision Iowa Program, Iowa Code section 12.71
  • Warehouse Project Revenue Bonds, Iowa Code chapter 123.159
  • IA Utilities Board and Consumer Advocate Building Bonds, IA Code section 12.91(9)
  • Honey Creek Premier Destination Park Bonds, IA Code section 463C.12(8)
  • School Infrastructure Program Bonds, IA Code section 12.81(8)
  • Appropriation Bonds, IA Code section 12.87(8)

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