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Iowa State Exempt Dividends

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Iowa State Exempt Dividends


Dividends from certain Iowa state and municipal securities are exempt from Iowa tax

The following securities are exempt: 

  • Aviation Authority Bonds, Iowa Code section 330A.16
  • Beginning Farmer Loan Program Bonds, Iowa Code section 16.64
  • Community College Bond Program Bonds, Iowa Code section 260C.71(6)
  • Community College Residence Halls and Dormitories Bonds, Iowa Code section 260C.61
  • County Health Center Bonds, Iowa Code section 331.441(2)"C"(7)
  • E911 Emergency Telephone Service Program Bonds, Iowa Code section 34A.20(6)
  • Interstate Bridges Bonds, Iowa Code section 313A.36
  • Iowa Board of Regents Bonds for buildings and facilities, Iowa Code Chapters 262.41, 262.51, 262.60 and 262A.8
  • Iowa Higher Education Loan Authority, Iowa Code section 261A.27
  • Iowa Municipality Urban Renewal Bonds, Iowa Code section 403.9(2)
  • Iowa Rural Water District Revenue Bonds and notes, Iowa Code section 357A.15
  • Low Income Housing Bonds, Iowa Code section 403A.12
  • Prison Infrastructure Revenue Bonds, Iowa Code section 16.177(8)
  • Regents Institutions Medical and Hospital Buildings at University of Iowa Bonds, Iowa Code section 263A.6
  • Soil Conservation Districts Revenue Bonds, Iowa Code section 161A.22
  • Quad Cities Interstate Metropolitan Authority Bonds, Iowa Code chapter 28A.24
  • Sewage Treatment Works Revenue Bonds, Iowa Code section 16.131(6)
  • Underground Storage Tank Fund Revenue Bonds, Iowa Code section 455G.6(14)
  • Vision Iowa Program, Iowa Code section 12.71
  • IA Utilities Board and Consumer Advocate Building Bonds, IA Code section 12.91(9)
  • Honey Creek Premier Destination Park Bonds, IA Code section 463C.12(8)
  • School Infrastructure Program Bonds, IA Code section 12.81(8)
  • Appropriation Bonds, IA Code section 12.87(8)

Deduct interest received from Federal securities (for example U.S. Savings Bonds, U.S. Treasury Notes).

Do not subtract interest from repurchase agreements of U.S. Government securities.

The following are taxable: 

  1. Government National Mortgage Assoc. (Ginnie Mae) Securities
  2. Federal National Mortgage Assoc. (Fannie Mae) Securities
  3. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Assoc. (Freddie Mac) Securities
  4. Money Market Certificates

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