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South Carolina Contributions

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South Carolina Contributions


The following are funds you can contribute to with your tax return or along with your tax payment.

Endangered Wildlife Fund -Thanks to your generous support, the number of bald eagles in South Carolina has increased from 13 to over 250 nesting pairs. With the success here and in other states, the bald eagle has been removed from the Federal endangered species list. However, many more wildlife species are endangered, or may become so, in our lifetime. Make your investment in the future  Help SCDNR keep wildlife in YOUR life. SC Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Section, PO Box 167, Columbia, SC 29202,

Children's Trust Fund of SC -Children’s Trust is the leader in keeping children safe from harm. By supporting proven prevention programs, Children’s Trust works to keep South Carolina’s children safe from abuse, neglect, and accidental injury. Prevention spares the significant expenses and crippling consequences by keeping harm from happening in the first place. Children’s Trust is home to the Strengthening Families Program, home visiting, Community Support for Young Parents, safe sleep training, KIDS COUNT and Safe Kids. To learn how prevention is at work in your community, contact Children’s Trust, P.O. Box 11644, Columbia, SC 29201 or call 803-733-5430, or visit

ElderCare Trust Fund -Your donation will help South Carolinians live with vitality and dignity in their homes and communities, avoiding institutional care for as long as possible. The Trust distributes grants to non-profit organizations for innovative programs, services and pilot projects serving older adults across the state. To make a contribution or to learn more, please contact the ElderCare Trust Fund, c/o Lieutenant Governors Office on Aging, 1301 Gervais St., Ste. 200, Columbia, SC 29201-3326, 1-800-868-9095, 803-734-9900,

SC Veterans' Trust Fund -South Carolinians helping veterans! As veteran's benefits continue to erode, this Trust Fund ensures that your voice is heard via supporting veterans’ programs designed to benefit veterans and their families. This Fund complements many State and Federal initiatives. It is managed by veterans for veterans. Veterans' Trust Fund, Office of Veterans' Affairs, 1205 Pendleton St., Ste. 463, Columbia, SC 29201-3751, 803-734-0200

Donate Life South Carolina-Donate Life South Carolina is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote organ and tissue donation and provide patient assistance to transplant recipients in South Carolina. Your contributions support efforts that save lives of fellow South Carolinians. For more information contact Donate Life SC, 4200 East North Street, 22 Centre East, Greenville, SC 29615-2437, toll-free 877-277-4866 or visit our website at

SC First Steps to School Readiness Fund -South Carolina is home to nearly 340,000 children under age 6. More than one in four of these children faces significant barriers to early school success. As the states school readiness agency, First Steps is making a difference in preparing children for school, identifying and serving those most at-risk first. Research shows that investments in high-quality early childhood education produce significant long-term savings to the public due to higher graduation rates and reduced costs of remedial education, welfare and crime. Your tax-deductible contribution will help First Steps and its network of county partnerships invest in early childhood initiatives for children 0-5 that help provide a healthy start in life, offer support to families, improve child care and early education programs, and help children make the successful transition to kindergarten. S.C. First Steps, 1300 Sumter St., Ste. 100, Columbia, SC 29201-3340, 1-877-621-0865, 803-734-0479,

War Between the States Heritage Trust Fund -Contributions are used to preserve representative lands and related structures which illustrate periods, events, styles, and uses of the land in our state's historical and cultural heritage for present and future generations. War Between the States Heritage Trust Fund, 1205 Pendleton St., Ste. 517, Columbia, SC 29201-3757, 803-734-1759

SC Litter Control Enforcement Program – From trash on the highways to illegal dumping in parks and public lands, litter is a significant and costly problem in South Carolina. The cost of cleaning it up is a drain on the state's resources. Litter also has a negative impact on tourism and our ability to attract new businesses and industries and the jobs they create. By designating a dollar or more of your income tax payment to the fight against litter, you can help support the enforcement of litter laws and help us catch those that trash our beautiful state. PalmettoPride, PO Box 50217, Columbia, SC 29250-0217, 1-877-725-7733

SC Law Enforcement Assistance Program The SCLEAP program is a collaborative effort of state law enforcement agencies (SLED, SCDPS, SCDNR, & SCDPPPS) which provides assistance to municipal, county, and state law enforcement officers, and their departments, along with non-sworn employees and their families. It provides peer support, crisis intervention, employee assistance, and volunteer chaplain services statewide. The SCLEAP staff and volunteers are on-call 24 hours a day. SCLEAP, 2501 Heyward Street, Columbia, SC 29205, 803-252-2664, 803-252-2752,

K-12 Public Education Fund Your donations will help fund public education from kindergarten through Grade 12. SC Department of Education, 1429 Senate St., Columbia, SC 29201, 803-734-8485,

State Park Contributions Contributions will help support, establish and improve projects that preserve and interpret the natural and cultural environment on SC State Parks. Projects include: Loggerhead sea turtle nesting programs; habitat enhancements; trail creation and maintenance, education centers, interpretive programs and historic preservation projects. SC State Park Service, 1205 Pendleton St., Ste. 517, Columbia, SC 29201-3757, 803-734-1759,

SC Military Family Relief Fund This fund awards grants to families of members of the SC National Guard or Reserves who are called to active duty as a result of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Grants are distributed based on need, status and service connected injury or illness. Military Family Relief Fund, Office of Veterans' Affairs, 1205 Pendleton St., Ste. 463, Columbia, SC 29201-3751, 803-734-0200

SC Conservation Bank Trust Fund The fund seeks to improve the quality of life in SC by protecting, enhancing and preserving natural resource areas, wildlife habitats, water quality, forest lands, farmlands, places of beauty, historical and archaeological sites, public access for outdoor recreation, and traditional uses of land such as hunting, fishing and other types of outdoor recreation. SC Conservation Bank Trust Fund, PO Box 167, Columbia, SC 29202-0167, 803-734-3986,

SC Financial Literacy Trust Fund -Financial literacy education helps all South Carolina school students learn about personal finance and investments. With contributions from public or private sources, the Financial Literacy Trust Fund provides support for financial literacy education. SC Financial Literacy Trust, 1429 Senate Street, Suite 611C, Columbia, SC 29201-3730, 803-734-0322 

SC State Forests Fund Did you know that as a citizen of South Carolina, you are part owner of five State Forests totaling 93,000 acres? The SC Forestry Commission manages these forests, balancing emphasis on timber production with recreation, wildlife, scenic beauty, and clean water and air. The Forests do not receive state funding; instead, they support themselves with revenue from forest products, and user fees. The revenue is also shared with county school systems, providing hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for education. This check-off is an opportunity for you to help support your State Forests. Come visit your State Forests! SC Forestry Commission, 5500 Broad River Road, Columbia, SC 29212-3543, 803-896-8800,

SC Department of Natural Resources Fund -Contributions to this fund are used for the protection, promotion, propagation, and management of fisheries and wildlife across the state, the enforcement of related laws, the administration of the department and the dissemination of information, facts and findings made by the department. For additional information contact SC Department of Natural Resources, PO Box 167, Columbia, SC 29202-0167,

SC Association of Habitat Affiliates - The South Carolina Association of Habitat Affiliates supports 36 Habitat affiliates in SC who actively work to eliminate poverty housing and raise the opportunity for lower income families to succeed. The goal of all of our affiliates is to create thriving communities throughout the state. We advocate our position on federal, state and local issues impacting our mission as well as seek financial resources to assist our affiliates. Statewide and regional workshops/ conferences are held each year to improve key skills of Habitat affiliates' employees. Your tax deductible donation will help Habitat affiliates across the state improve the lives of families and children by providing affordable housing and building neighborhoods. For further information contact our Executive Director at or visit

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