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Who will receive Form MA 1099-HC?

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Who will receive Form MA 1099-HC?


You will receive a Form MA 1099-HC if:

  • You have private insurance. You (the plan subscriber) will receive a Form MA 1099-HC from your insurance carrier. It'll also list spouse and dependent information. If you didn't get a form, fill in the Health Care Information section of your Schedule HC with the name of your insurance carrier or administrator and your subscriber number. This information should be on your insurance card. If you can't find it, contact your insurer.
  • You're enrolled in MassHealth, Commonwealth Care or Commonwealth Care Bridge and your income is above 150% of the federal poverty level. If you didn't get a Form MA 1099-HC and your income was at or above 150% of the federal poverty level, you can call MassHealth at (800) 841-2900 or the Massachusetts Health Connector at (877) 623-6765 for a copy.

If you receive more than 1 Form MA 1099-HC because you have more than 1 health insurance carrier for the year, you (and/or your spouse, if married filing jointly) must report each carrier that provided health insurance.

If you switched coverage or had more than 1 insurance carrier in the year, you'll receive a Form MA 1099-HC from each carrier showing detailed information about specific months of coverage. You need to report each instance of coverage you had as you complete Schedule HC.

Don't worry if you receive a Form MA 1099-HC that lists your middle initial incorrectly. There will be no problem, since you don't transcribe your name from the Form MA 1099-HC onto the Schedule HC. The important data is the information you carry over from the Form MA 1099-HC to the Schedule HC.

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