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What is Massachusetts Schedule HC?

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What is Massachusetts Schedule HC?


Schedule HC, Health Care Information, must be completed by all full-year residents and certain part-year residents age 18 and over to notify the Department whether or not they had health insurance in each month of the year. Taxpayers who did not have coverage for all of the tax year, or had a gap in coverage of four or more consecutive months will need to determine if they had access to affordable health insurance (either through an employer, the government or on their own). The instructions to Schedule HC contain the worksheets and tables to determine whether the taxpayer had access to affordable health insurance.

If it is determined that a taxpayer could have afforded health insurance, the taxpayer has the right to appeal the application of the penalty due to hardship by requesting an appeal to the Connector on the Schedule HC.

For more information about the health care reform law, including DORs regulation at 830 CMR 111M.2.1, Health Insurance Individual Mandate; Personal Income Tax Return Requirements, or the Connector's regulation at 956 CMR 6.00, Determining Affordability for the Individual Mandate, see the Connector's website at or DORs website at


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