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How do I file a Kentucky Extension?

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How do I file a Kentucky Extension?


Extension of Time to File

Taxpayers who are unable to file a return by April 15 may request an extension. Taxpayers may elect to file this request electronically or by mailing the extension to the Department of Revenue on or before the due date of the return. The request must state a reasonable cause for the inability to file. Inability to pay is not an acceptable reason. Acceptable reasons include, but are not limited to, destruction of records by fire or flood and serious illness of the taxpayer.

Extensions are limited to six months. A copy of the Kentucky extension request must be enclosed with the return. Individuals who receive a federal extension are not required to request a separate Kentucky extension. They can meet the requirements by enclosing a copy of the application for automatic federal extension to the Kentucky return. IRS extensions by e-file (by personal computer or a tax professional)—Enclose a copy of Form 4868 with the confirmation number in the lower righthand corner of the form or a copy of the electronic acknowledgment.

Military Personnel—Kentucky residents who are in the military are often granted extensions for tax filings when serving outside the United States. Any extension granted for federal income tax purposes will be honored for Kentucky income tax purposes.

Combat Zone Extension—Members of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Public Health Service of the United States government who serve in an area designated as a combat zone by presidential proclamation shall not be required to file an income tax return and pay the taxes, which would otherwise become due during the period of service, until 12 months after the service is completed. Members of the National Guard or any branch of the Reserves called to active duty to serve in a combat zone are granted the same extension.

Interest and Penalties—Interest at the “tax interest rate” applies to any income tax paid after the original due date of the return. If the amount of tax paid by the original due date is less than 75 percent of the tax due, a late payment penalty may be assessed (minimum penalty is $10). Interest and penalty charges can be avoided or reduced by sending payment with your extension request by the due date. If you wish to make a payment prior to the due date of your return when using the:

(1) Kentucky Extension—Complete Section II, Kentucky Extension Payment Voucher, of the Application for Extension of Time to File, Form 740EXT, and send with payment. Write “KY Income Tax—2020” and your Social Security number(s) on the face of the check.

(2) Federal Automatic Extension—Make a copy of the lower portion of the federal Application for Automatic Extension, Form 4868, and send with payment. Write “KY Income Tax—2020” and your Social Security number(s) on the face of the check.

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