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How do I pay an amount owed for Connecticut state taxes?

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How do I pay an amount owed for Connecticut state taxes?


Payment Options

Electronically filing and paying your taxes is easy and accurate. It provides you with confirmation of receipt and reduces the possibility of errors. While some taxpayers may be reluctant to make electronic payments for security reasons, we want to assure you that our electronic funds transfer is safe and secure.

Pay Electronically

To make a direct payment visit the TSC at and follow the prompts or visit You can authorize DRS to transfer funds from your bank account (checking or savings) to a DRS account by entering your bank account number and your bank routing number.

You can file your return any time before the due date and designate the amount of payment and date of transfer. Your bank account will be debited on the date you indicate. You must pay the balance due on or before the due date to avoid penalty and interest.

Should you elect to file electronically but make your payment of tax due with a paper check, you are required to remit your payment with Form CT-1040V, 2018 Connecticut Electronic Filing Payment Voucher. Do not send a paper copy of your electronically filed return with the payment.

Pay by Credit Card or Debit Card

You may elect to pay your Connecticut income tax liability using a credit card (American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard®, VISA® ) or comparable debit card. A convenience fee will be charged by the service provider. You will be informed of the amount of the fee and you may elect to cancel the transaction. At the end of the transaction, you will be given a confirmation number for your records.

• Visit and select State Payments

Your payment is effective on the date you make the charge.

Pay by Mail

Make your check payable to Commissioner of Revenue Services. To ensure proper posting of your payment, write “20XX Form CT-1040” and your SSN(s) (optional) on the front of your check. Sign your check and clip it to the front of your return. Do not send cash. DRS may submit your check to your bank electronically. Failure to file or failure to pay the proper amount of tax when due will result in penalty and interest charges. It is to your advantage to file when your return is due whether or not you are able to make full payment. Attach other required forms and schedules, including Supplemental Schedule CT-1040WH, to the back of your return or as directed on the form. You do not need to attach a copy of your previously-filed Form CT-1040 EXT.

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