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Massachusetts Residency Status

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How Do I Determine my Massachusetts Residency Status?


There are three different categories of resident status under Massachusetts tax law:

--You are a full-year resident if your residence (domicile) is in Massachusetts or if you maintain a permanent place of abode in Massachusetts and during the year spend more than 183 days, in the aggregate, in the state. If you fit this description you should file a Massachusetts Resident Income Tax Return, Form 1.

--You are a nonresident if you were not a resident of Massachusetts but earned Massachusetts income (e.g., from a job in Massachusetts). You must report such income by filing a Massachusetts Form 1-NR/PY.

--You are a part-year resident if you either moved into or moved out of Massachusetts during the taxable year. In this case, you must reduce certain income, deductions and exemptions based on the number of days you were a resident or on the amount of your income that is subject to Massachusetts tax. Part-year residents must file a Massachusetts Form 1-NR/PY.

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