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When should I consult an accountant?

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When should I consult an accountant?


Our dedicated customer service department offers assistance on how to use or navigate our software. We can also help you find the instructions for all forms and other helpful information. We are not accountants and if you have a tax law questions, you should consult with a tax accountant. We will also offer assistance in correcting errors codes to get your return successfully filed. We do not give specific tax advice. 

 Your tax return is considered self-prepared when using our site. We guarantee the calculations to be correct based on what you input. We cannot control omissions/errors by the taxpayer. Our representatives are not tax professionals, and therefore are only able to give advice regarding specific questions dealing with the legalities of your reporting.  You are responsible for what you enter into the system.

We strongly encourage you to consult with a tax professional if you are unsure of any of the information that you need to input, if you need detailed answers pertaining to a specific tax situation, or are not sure if you qualify for certain credits. In addition, we recommend that you visit the Official IRS site. 

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