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How Can I File for an Extension for my Nebraska State Taxes?

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How Can I File for an Extension for my Nebraska State Taxes?


A Nebraska Extension of Time. The Department accepts the federal extension of time to file. It is only necessary to file a Nebraska extension of time if you are making a tentative tax payment or when a federal extension is not filed. A six-month extension to file Form 1040N may only be obtained by:

1. Attaching a copy of a timely-filed Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return, Federal Form 4868, to the Nebraska return when filed;

2. Attaching a schedule to your Nebraska return listing your federal confirmation number and providing an explanation that you received an automatic federal extension by making a payment of your federal estimate of tax due using a credit card;

3. Filing a Nebraska Application for Extension of Time, Form 4868N, on or before the due date of the return, when you need to make a tentative Nebraska payment or when a federal extension is not being requested; or

4. Attaching a copy of the statement or letter submitted with your federal return requesting the automatic extension of time to file for a U.S. citizen residing outside the U.S. or Puerto Rico, to the Nebraska return when filed.

If you have an authorized IRS tax preparer e-file your return, Nebraska will grant you an automatic extension to file. If you e-file your own return using software you have purchased or accessed from the Internet, you will be required to mail in a Nebraska Form 4868N. See number 3 above for further instructions.

Note: If you have a combat zone-related or contingency operation-related extension, see the Department’s website for Nebraska Income Tax for U.S. Servicemembers, Their Spouses, and Civilians Working with U.S. Forces Information Guide.

If the extension documentation is not attached, a late filing penalty may be imposed. Any tax not paid by April 15 is subject to interest. An extension of time cannot exceed a total of six months after the original due date of the return.


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