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How can I check the status of my New Mexico refund?

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How can I check the status of my New Mexico refund?



To obtain the status of your refund you may:

  1. Go to the Departments home page at gov and click on "Where is my refund?" You will need your SSN or ITIN, and the refund amount to see the status.
  2. You may also log in to your Taxpayer Access Point account to get more information.

When to Call

If you don’t see the status of your refund using these methods, refer to the processing times below and try again later.

These times determine when you should be able to view the status of your refund.

    1. For electronically filed returns, please wait 4 weeks before calling the Department. Electronically filed returns are generally processed within 4 weeks or less.
  • For paper returns or applications for a tax refund, please wait 12 weeks before calling the Department. Paper filed returns and applications for a tax refund are processed within 8 to 12 weeks.


If sufficient time has passed for your refund to be processed, and you are still not able to review the status of your refund, contact us at (866) 285-2996 or (505) 841-6352.

Note: The New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department has substantially increased their enforcement efforts to combat IDENTITY THEFT and REFUND FRAUD. This enhanced review process could increase the time it takes to process your tax refund, and additional documentation may be required from you to verify your refund claim. Thank you for your patience and cooperation with our efforts to protect your identities and your tax dollars.

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