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Maryland Commuter Tax Credit

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Maryland Commuter Tax Credit


A credit is allowed for businesses that conduct or operate a trade or business in Maryland and provide commuter benefits for their employees.

The business must pay a portion of the cost of travel between the employee’s home and the workplace. Qualified commuter benefits include the cost of transit instruments (tickets, passes, vouchers, fare cards, smartcards and tokens) used to transport an employee of the business to or from home and the workplace. The portion of the cost an employer pays to provide a “Guaranteed Ride Home” program or for a parking “Cash-Out” program for their employees also are qualified commuter benefits.

Travel must be on a qualified mass transit vehicle or system, or in a vanpool. The vanpool vehicle must seat at least 6 adults and be used primarily to transport employees between home and the workplace.

The credit is the lesser of 50% of the cost of providing commuter benefits or $100 per month for each employee.

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