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Massachusetts Income Tax Paid To Another State

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Massachusetts Income Tax Paid To Another State


Taxes Due Any Other State

If any of the income reported on this return is subject to taxation in another state or jurisdiction and you have filed a return and paid taxes in the other state or jurisdiction, complete the following worksheet and enter the amount of credit in line 30. Do not include taxes paid to the U.S. government. (This credit does not apply to city or local taxes.)

You are allowed to claim a credit for taxes due to the following jurisdictions:

-Other states in the U.S., including payments made under the Rhode Island Temporary Disability Insurance Act (see DOR Directive (DD) 12-1);

-Any territory or dependency of the U.S. (including Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, the District of Columbia); or

-The Dominion of Canada or any of its provinces (less any U.S. credit amount allowable from U.S. Form 1116).

The total credit that you calculate on the worksheet is the smaller of the amount of taxes due to other jurisdictions (net of certain adjustments) or the portion of your Massachusetts tax due on your gross income that is taxed in such other jurisdictions. Credit is not given for a property tax due to another jurisdiction on account of capital stock or property. This does not refer to a tax on gain or income from the sale of capital stock or property, as included on Schedule B or Schedule D. Credit is also not given for any interest and penalties paid on a tax due to another jurisdiction.


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