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Delaware Residency

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Delaware Residency


Who is a Resident

A resident is an individual who either:

• Is domiciled in this State for any part of the taxable year; or

Full-Time Students with a legal residence in another state remain legal residents of that state unless they exhibit intentions to make Delaware their permanent residence.

NOTE*: Foreign Travelers – If you were out of the United States for at least 495 days in the last 18 consecutive months and (at the same time) you did not maintain a permanent place of abode in this State at which you, your spouse, your children or your parents were present for more than 45 days, you are not considered a resident of this State.

*The above NOTE does not apply to members of the Armed Forces, employees of the United States, its agencies, or instrumentalities.

Minors - Disabled - Deceased Taxpayers

If an individual is unable to file a return because he is a minor or is disabled, the return shall be filed by his authorized agent, guardian, fiduciary or the person charged with the care of the person or property of such individual. See the federal Form 1040 instructions for those authorized to sign. If an individual is deceased, his final return shall be filed by his executor, administrator or other person responsible for the property of the decedent. Please see Deceased on Page 12 for further instructions on deceased taxpayers.


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