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How do I file an amended return for Idaho?

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How do I file an amended return for Idaho?


Amending a return

Sometimes it's necessary to change, correct, or update a return that's already been filed. To do this, the income tax return must be "amended," which is generally done by mail. However, the amended return can be filed electronically if the original return was filed electronically. Here are the steps for amending an Idaho income tax return:

  1. Select the right form — Full-year Idaho residents must amend income tax returns by completing a corrected Form 40. Part-year Idaho residents and Idaho nonresidents must complete a corrected Form 43.
  2. Check the box for an amended return in the upper-left corner of the page, complete the form, and attach information that explains why the return is being amended.
  3. Attach the following documents to your Idaho amended return:
    • A full copy of Form 1040X if your federal return was amended,
    • Copies of all 1099s and/or W-2s that weren't included with the original return, and
    • Any required payment.


If you completed the original return with our program, log into your account and select "amend" return.  See our homepage for a list of any related fees.



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