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District of Columbia Resident

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Part-Year and Nonresident


Who is a Resident? 

You are a resident of DC if:

1. You are an individual domiciled in DC at any time during the taxable year, or

2. You are an individual who maintains a place of abode within DC for an aggregate of 183 days or more during the taxable year, this is also known as a statutory resident.


An individual is domiciled in DC if his/her permanent home is in DC. Domicile, once established, is presumed to continue until it is shown to have been changed. To establish a change of domicile, a person must demonstrate (1) physical presence, and (2) an intent to abandon the former domicile and remain [in the new one] for an indefinite period of time. An individual can only have one domicile at a time. An individual domiciled in DC is a full-year resident under DC law and must file a fullyear individual income tax return, except, if you establish or abandon your DC domicile during the year, then you are a part-year resident and will file a part-year return.

Statutory Resident

An individual is a DC statutory resident, even though not domiciled in DC, if he/she maintained a place of abode in DC for an aggregate of 183 days or more days during the taxable year. The period of residency does not have to be consecutive days. In determining whether an individual has maintained a place of abode in DC for 183 or more days, temporary absences from the DC residence i.e. vacations, hospitalization, business trips, and the like, shall be considered as periods of District residency. A statutory resident is a full-year resident under DC law and, therefore, must file a tax return reporting his/her entire income for the taxable year. A statutory resident may seek credits for individual income taxes paid to other state(s), while concurrently a resident of DC. However, he/she must provide satisfactory proof of payment, including an individual income tax return filed with the other state(s), in order to be eligible for a credit.

Part-Year Resident

An individual is a part-year resident if he/she moves into or out of DC during the year with the intent to establish or abandon his/her domicile in DC. The calculation of tax liability for a part-year resident is prorated based on the income earned in DC, during the period of residency. An individual filing a part-year return must indicate the period of residency on Line 2 of Form D-40. All credits, exemptions and deductions must be prorated according to the time of DC residency.

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