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Farm Income - Other Income

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Farm Income - Other Income


Other Farm Income such as the following:

  • Illegal Federal irrigation subsidies.   See Pub. 225

  • Bartering income.

  • Income from cancellation of debt.  Generally, if a debt is cancelled or forgiven, you must include the cancelled amount in income. If a Federal agency, financial institution, or credit union cancelled or forgave a debt you owed of $600 or more, it should send you a Form 1099-C, or similar statement, by February 1 of the following year, showing the amount of debt cancelled. However, you may be able to exclude the canceled debt from income.

  • State gasoline or fuel tax refunds you received

  • The amount of credit for Federal tax paid on fuels claimed on your 1040

  • The amount of credit for alcohol and cellulosic biofuel fuels claimed on Form 6478

  • The amount of credit for biodiesel and renewable diesel fuils claimed on Form 8864

  • Any recapture of excess depreciation on any listed property, including any section 179 expense deduction, if the business use percentage of that property decreased to 50% or less in 2016. Use Form 4797 to figure the recapture.

  • The inclusion amount on leased listed property (other than vehicles) when the business use percentage drops to 50% or less.

  • Any recapture of the deduction for clean-fuel vehicles and clean-fuel vehicle refueling property used in your farming business.

  • The gain or loss on the sale of commodity futures contracts if the contracts were made to protect you from price changes. These are a form of business insurance and are considered hedges. If you had a loss in a closed futures contract, enclose the amount of the loss in parentheses.

  • Any income from breeding fees, or fees from renting teams, machinery, or land

For property acquired and hedging positions established, you must clearly identify on your books and records both the hedging transaction and the item(s) or aggregate risk that is being hedged.

Purchase or sales contracts are not true hedges if they offset losses that already occurred. If you bought or sold commodity futures with the hope of making a profit due to favorable price changes, report the profit or loss on Form 6781 instead of this line.

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