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Schedule F - Principal Product Name and EIN

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Schedule F - Principal Product Name and EIN

Principal Product Name
Describe in one or two words your principal crop or activity for the current tax year.
Principal Agricultural Activity Code
These codes for the Principal Agricultural Activity classify farms by their primary activity to facilitate the administration of the Internal Revenue Code.  These six-digit codes are based on the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). 
Select the code that best describes your primary farming activity and best describes the source of most of your income.
Employer Identification Number (EIN) 
You need an employer identification number (EIN) only if you had a qualified retirement plan or are required to file employment, excise, alcohol, tobacco, or firearms returns, or are a payer of gambling winnings.
If you need an EIN, file Form SS-4.  If you do not have an EIN, leave this entry blank.  Do not enter your SSN and do not enter another taxpayer's EIN.
For more information see IRS Instructions for Schedule F.

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