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Missouri Subtractions

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Missouri Subtractions


Interest on Exempt Federal Obligations

State Income Tax Refund

Partnership, Fiduciary, S Corporation, Railroad Retirement Benefits, Other

Military Income of Nonresident Military Personnel

Combat Pay Included in Federal Adjusted Gross Income Earned by Military Personnel with a Missouri Home of Record

Build America Bonds and Recovery Zone Bonds Interest

Missouri Public-Private Transportation Act

Net Operating Loss

Contributions into a Missouri In divid ual Medical Account   (IMA)

Accumulation Distribution

Capital Gain Exclusion on Sale of Low Income Housing

Family Development Account.

Federally Taxable - Missouri Exempt Obligations

Condemnation of Property.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Capital Gain Deduction

Exempt Contributions Made to a Qualified 529 Plan

Qualified Health Insurance Premium

Depreciation Adjustment

Home Energy Audit Expenses

Exempt Contribution Made to a Qualified Achieving a Better Life Experience Program (ABLE)

Agriculture Disaster Relief

Business Income Deduction

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