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New Mexico Film Production Tax Credit

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New Mexico Film Production Tax Credit


Enter the amount of approved film production tax credit claimed on Form RPD-41228. Attach a copy of the credit approval from the Taxation and Revenue Department.

The film production tax credit provides a credit for an eligible film production company. The amount of the credit is equal to 25% of direct production and direct postproduction expenditures. Direct production expenditures must be directly attributable to the production in New Mexico of a film or commercial audiovisual and both direct and post production expenditures must be subject to taxation by the State of New Mexico. Excluded from the credit are costs for which the film production company has already issued a nontaxable transaction certificate under Section 7-9-86 NMSA 1978.

To obtain approval for the credit, first apply to the New Mexico Film Office of the Economic Development Department (EDD). When it receives approval from EDD, the film production company may apply for Taxation and Revenue Department approval of the credit. See the Application for Film Production Tax Credit, Form RPD-41229.

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