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How To #20: The People Search Add-On

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How To #20: The People Search Add-On How do I use my new People Search Add-On?


Please use the following information to help you get the most out of your People Search Add-on, which links your People Finders membership to your Smart Tools membership.

From the My Updated Records tab, or the claimant's individual record select on the MAGNIFYING GLASS icon next to the borrower’s name. 

This will link you to the People Search screen and will automatically pre-fill the Search People fields.  Review the fields to make sure the name is input correctly.  You can refine your search by inputting the city and state of the Property Address, a known location for the borrower and then select Search.


Scroll through the search results.  Compare the listed addresses to the property address; if the property address is NOT on the list then this is not the person you are looking for.  Keep looking for the record with the property address listed.

The most current address is usually the first address in the address history list.  Click on the disk icon next to the address, this will link you back to the claimant;s individual record. 

Once on the Individual record you will notice that below the Updated Data box is an Other Address list.  The selected address will now appear on that list. 

To the right of the address select on Set As Main Address.  A popup window will appear asking “Do you want to replace the primary address with this address?  You will lose current primary address!”  Select OK. 

Then select Update in the Updated Data box.  This saves that address. 

The letter templates are available at the bottom of the Individual Record screen.  The new address will now be inserted into the letter templates.

Go directly to your People Finders account at for manual or advanced searching options.  Searches done directly through People Finders will require you to manually type in search results on the Individual Record screen.

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