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How To #18: Deceased Mortgagor

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How To #18: Deceased Mortgagor What do I do if the borrower is deceased? Can the refund still be claimed if the borrower is deceased?


In the event that the named claimant is deceased, their legal heir is now entitled to the refund.  You will need to create an Authorization Agreement in the name of the new claimant, and all other forms will need to be in this new claimants name as well.  This new claimant will need to provide their Proof of Identification, as well as Proof of Entitlement.

Proof of Entitlement documentation is usually the Death Certificate or a Last Will and Testament.

Create New Documentation

Open the record by clicking on the Pencil Icon Next to the decedent’s name.


Type in Notes indicating that the Mortgagor is deceased, for example:  7/5/12 Mortgagor, Jane Doe is deceased.  Her daughter Jan Deer is legal heir.

Change the Mortgagor Name information in the fields provided to the left.  In the “Mortgagor First Name” field type in the new claimant’s first name.  In the “Mortgagor Last Name” filed type in the new claimant’s last name.  Additionally if needed update the address fields for the new claimant and then click on Update.

This updated information will now be input on any letters or forms that are created.

Remember to instruct the claimant to fax Proof of Entitlement to HUD along with their Proof of Ownership information.


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