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How To #15: Calling a Borrower

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How To #15: Calling a Borrower Can I call a borrower? What do I say if I call the borrower?

Calling Borrowers (aka Claimants)
Most of our processors rely on mail contact, however you may want to try calling the borrowers (aka claimants) first.

We have done some research and located a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) web site for the Do Not Call registry.  We recommend that you go to the web sit to read the Do Not Call rules for your area before making calls to the borrowers.  Here is the link:
 After you are confident that it is ok to call a borrower for first contact, locate their phone number using the searching techniques discussed in MST How To #13:  Searching the Internet for a Borrower.
Here is a sample phone script:
You:  Hello, BORROWER/CLAIMANT?  Hi, CLAIMANT FIRST NAME, my name is YOUR NAME.  I'm an Independent Refund Processor working from a list of names of people due refunds, provided by the government, do you remember owning PROPERTY ADDRESS? and did you pay it off in (Year Only of DATE MTG PAID).   
Claimant:  Yes, Yes
You:  Great!  I'm calling let you know that you are due a $(Refund Amount).  I can help you get this money by sending you some paperwork to fill out.  If you have any questions, my name is YOUR NAME and my number is YOUR NUMBER, it will also be on the paperwork.  Thank You.  I will talk to you again soon.
Questions the Claimant may ask:
Claimant:  How much does this cost?
You:  I charge a small processing fee.  You pay me nothing until you receive your check from the government. 
Claimant:  How did you get my name?
You:  I got a list of names from the government of people who are due refunds and your name is on it.

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