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FAQ: Other Processors

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How do I know that I will not duplicate searching or tracing? How do I know another processor has not already contacted a certain claimant? Does everyone have the same list? Can others see my research?


You don’t know if someone else has contacted the folks you’re trying to contact, if someone else has contacted the same borrower, do not worry.  It is no different than receiving mail from two different cable companies trying to get your business.

All processors have access to the full database, but everyone is looking for something different in the database and generating vastly different results with their search criteria.  When you research a borrower, only YOU can see those results.

If the borrower has already hired someone else they will not sign a contract with you.  However they may have been contacted in the past by someone who gave up on Independent Refund Processing and you may need to reassure them that you will follow through and help them get their refund.

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