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How To #14: Searching the Internet for a Borrower

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How To #14: Searching the Internet for a Borrower Link your to Smart Tools How do I find updated addresses for people on the list?

The Internet offers a number of resources for locating people, sometimes for free, sometimes for a small fee. Use search engines to find these tools.  Some of the charging People Searching sites include (but are not limited to):
 Here are some People Search sites that are free:
Select a People Search site to use.  Each site is different, but each should have a place for you to type in the borrower’s First name and Last name.  There should also be a place to type in City and State, make sure you input the City, State, or Zip Code of the PROPERTY ADDRESS, as this is a known public record location for that borrower.
Review the search results.  Remember unique names are going to have fewer results to review and common names are going to have more results to review.
Each site is different and you will need to decide which style you like best.  Many sites list the date or time frame that the person has lived at an address, you can use that information to cross reference against the date the mortgage was sold.
When reviewing the data look for a record that lists the Property Address as a previous address for the person.  That is how you will know you've found the right person.  Search engines scour public records and the internet for information, therefore the addresses are not always listed in the correct order with the most current listed first.  You may have to send the letter to more than one address on the list in order to locate the borrower.
Do you have a membership with  If so, you can link it to your Smart Tools membership and conduct searches using the Smart Tools People Search tool.  Follow these steps to link your Smart Tools membership with your membership.
***FOLLOW THIS PROCESS ONLY IF YOU HAVE AN EXISTING PEOPLEFINDERS.COM MEMBERSHIP***  Go to the "Locate Account History" screen if you want to sign up for a new membership.
1)  Go to your Account Profile screen.
2) Click on the "Link PeopleFinders Account" button
3) Type in your PEOPLE FINDERS email address and password information.  Then click on submit.
4)  Once you receive the processing successful message.  Log out of Smart Tools by clicking on the Exit Icon (shaped like a door) and then log back in with your Smart Tools login information.
Be sure to complete our survey indicating which searching site you like best:

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