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How To #1: Login to and Online Help Center

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How To #1: Login to and Online Help Center How do I login to Smart Tools? How do I get help when Operators are Offline?

Your Reservation Code is your Smart Tools “account number” and login ID, you will want to have it available when go to our website or when you call us.  You should also be sure to include it on Contact Us Tickets or direct emails to
Your  Reservation Code is located next to your name on the front of the white envelope your manual arrived in.  It is also on the pink post card you used to order the manual.
There is a place provided inside the cover of your manual to write this number down. 
In the http bar of your web browser type (or click on the link) and then hit Enter on the keyboard. This will take you to the Smart Tools for small business Welcome Page. In the upper right hand corner just below the black tool bar click on Login.
After inputting your Reservation Code input your 5-digit shipping postal zip code as the default password. This password is temporary and should be changed the Account Profile tab promptly. Separate How To Instructions are available for the Account Profile tab on our Online Help Center.
Do NOT have the computer save your password the first time you log in because you will be changing it. Sample Login Box, above.
Once logged in to the Smart Tools software you will have full access regardless of your current membership status; free trial member or subscribed member.
Everytime you go to you will see the Smart Tools Welcome Page. 
This page contains important processor updates and provides you with links you to all of our available training videos.  Navigate back to this page from any other page of the software, by clicking on the Smart Tools logo.
Another extremely valuable resource is our Online Help Center.  Navigate to the Online Help Center while using the software by clicking on the Help Center tab on the black tool bar.
A separate window will open with the Smart Tools Online Help Center (make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off).
The Online Help Center contains:
  • How To's: our training articles.
  • Trouble Shooting: answers to common technical questions regarding the software.
  • General Questions: our  most frequently asked questions.

You can search through the articles in these topics by doing a quick "keyword" search.  For example, if you want to learn how to create a list of names using the software type "create list" in the Search by Keyword field.  As you type articles with the words "create" and "list" will begin to display.

 Select the article that looks like it will best answer your question by clicking on it.  If you don't have a specific question in mind you can browse through all of the articles by clicking on the How To Training link.
After you have opened an article you can read through it by scrolling on your computer screen, email it to yourself by clicking on the envelope icon, then type your email address into the form that appears and click on send.  Send the article to your printer by clicking on the printer icon.
It's easy to browse through the different articles.  At the bottom of every article there is a list of related articles. 
If the articles listed in this How To do not match what you see, don't worry.  Smart Tools is constantly working to improve the training materials that we provide you and we are continually making updates.

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